Why InfoGuard?

Our Value Add is simple, we pride ourselves in our effective intake practices that make InfoGuard SP understand the needs of today’s organizations in locating and acquiring talented professionals. This capability allows us to deliver candidates for our clients’ human capital needs. Combining that with our Cyber Security industry expertise, market supply and demand knowledge, and candidate engagement makes us the leading recruitment firm for the best and most qualified candidates in the industry. 


We collectively have over 20 years of staff augmentation experience.


We specialize only in cybersecurity and security infrastructure.


We are a small business – which means more effective one-on-one discovery and account management – we value your business.


InfoGuard is entrenched in cyber security on a daily basis, ever since its founding as a company.

Mission & Vision

Partnering to provide Talent, Solutions, and Methodologies that move business forward is our mission.

Our vision is to be our clients’ most trusted business partner who helps them achieve success, generate high-value return on investment, and create new opportunities through our expertise, experience, and competence.

Every day, we strive to build upon our well-established reputation for executing this mission and vision strategically for our key constituencies:

  • For our clients, we have fully immersed ourselves in each customer’s IT and engineering environment to understand critical goals, develop measures of success, and meet challenges with expert human talent and technical solutions.
  • For our Team Members, we continue to provide a rewarding path for career enhancement, foster alliance with the InfoGuard community, and empower team members to utilize their skills and expertise to move business forward.


Our Promise to You:

  • We give you personalized, small-business agility with enterprise-level capabilities.We save you time and money. Guaranteed.
  • Candidate validation process removes conflicts and provides at-a-glance information.
  • Unique technology drilldown ensures excellent compliance with role requirements. Our executives remain focused on your priorities.
  • Highly efficient small business delivers the results you expect. Our Promise is founded in our core values, which drive everything we do from partnering to recruitment
  • We pride ourselves on constant results-oriented improvement. We embrace innovative solutions when, through rigorous and clear-eyed evaluation, they prove to add value to our business and ultimately to the success of our clients. We always maintain an open mind, and we encourage or partners to do the same.
Reliable Communication
  • We always base our relationships on reliably open and honest dialogue. This is the key to building trust and forging long-term partnerships with our clients and candidates—and we always seek to exceed expectations.
  • We firmly believe that our well-established reputation for integrity and ethics means everything to us. We conduct our interactions with clients in a transparent, respectful, and accountable fashion, and we have earned the privilege of this reputation.
  • We love working with talented people, and connecting them with excellent companies. Our passion to provide talent, solutions, and transparent methodologies is fully realized when our partners achieve a high-value return on investment by virtue of working with us.