The InfoGuard Recruitment Methodology

In order to find the best cyber security talent in the marketplace, we must first aim to understand which talents the marketplace provides us. Sure, many companies need Cyber Security Engineers to help secure their perimeter, but with 6 million openings in Cyber Security in the U.S. and across the globe, companies must understand that the competitiveness in the marketplace for Cyber Security talent is higher than ever. If organizations need the talent, they will need to be flexible to attain the talent.

What does this mean to our clients or other organizations looking to procure this type of talent is flexibility? Long gone are the days when hiring managers can sit back and interview 20+ candidates for one role and choose who best fits their environment. The increasing demand for Cyber Security talent with the steady rate of supply brings in a constraint to the procurement strategy.

Organizations must see the market for what it is, understand it, and adjust their corporate strategy to ATTRACT and most importantly RETAIN  talent. Strategically, procuring the right Cyber Security talent may result in creating a new approach from within the organization. Implementing a flexible workforce is the key in this situation.

InfoGuard SP operates in full transparency with our clients to help them understand the Information Security marketplace. We provide data analytics on Supply and Demand, current salary expectations, and even adjusted salary expectations for the most essential talent. We believe this information is extremely vital to the success of InfoGuard as well as our clients.

Our internal recruitment methodology begins with a consultative discussion with hiring managers to understand their needs. We advise them on their most urgent human capital initiatives. Our dedicated Sales Executives dig deeply into the day-to-day duties of the resources they seek. Once we understand our client’s needs, we guide them through an assessment of which skill sets that are “Must Haves” versus “Nice to Haves.”  Our approach directs our clients to the availability of their high-priority talent compared to the supply in the current marketplace.

We base our process on several key pillars of success:

Understanding the Marketplace
Effective Sourcing
Strategic Partnerships
Proper Matching Techniques